Friday, June 10, 2011

last day in arusha


This is our last day in Arusha. Tomorrow we'll be venturing off to Mto wa Mbu and we'll be staying with the Maasai people in that village for a week before we embark on our four day safari. Arusha has been very fun and exciting. Last night we went to an semi-Italian restaurant and had a great meal while watching some performers juggle fire and such. After we ate, we went to a club and spent about three hours there. The club scene is a little different here in Tanzania as it seems to be much more chill and relaxed compared to clubs in America. We sang karaoke and had a good time singing and dancing.

Later today we will probably go into the Maasai market again to buy our last souvenirs from Arusha before we leave. Arusha has been great but I think most of the group (including myself) are eager to move on and check out Mto wa Mbu! Tomorrow we will be having lunch with Mzee Pete (from Maji ya chai) before we leave for Mto wa Mbu. I'm definitely going to miss the food from this hotel but I'm anxious to see more wildlife in a more rural setting. It's not too scenic here because it's very much an urban setting.

Anyways, this will probably be the last day I have internet for a while as I'm not too sure what the computer situation is in Mto wa mbu. I'm hoping I can gain internet access at least once so I can relay my experiences to you all. Farewell!


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