Monday, June 6, 2011



I have six minutes to write this post! Ah! curse you sporadic internet. we are in arusha now; the city is crazy it's much different from maji ya chai which was more of a rural commune. I apologize that this post is going to be quite short but here are the main activities we have done.

- hiked mt kilimanjaro
- went shopping in arusha
- performed ngoma (music) for the people at the village of maji ya chai. we performed a Zanzibar dance that was taught to us and also performed some American music (we did the Thriller dance).
- so many epic journies that I can't even cover now.

Bottom line: My whole group and I are having an incredible time and have grown so close in only one week. Our Kiswahili is getting better as well. I've never more incredible experiences than this in my whole lifetime. Culture shock times one million but it's GREAT and I absolutely love it. Three more weeks!!!!! Kwaheri!!!

- msafiri

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